What is $uper Doge?#BSC

1 min readJun 8, 2021

$uperDoge-$Doge is not just a coin, it is a fully autonomous ecosystem. With the launch on PancakeSwap of $Doge, the platform will gradually open up ecosystems such as SuperNFT and SuperSwap. SuperNFT is an NFT trading platform focusing on cartoon MeMe pictures and emoticons. Everyone can freely upload jpg and gif to trade on the NFT platform; SuperSwap is a decentralized AMM cross-chain trading platform that initially supports ETH, BSC, HECO mainchains,and more main chains will be supported for cross-chain transactions in the future

$Doge initial supply of 2000 trillion
50% will be sent to the black hole for burning permanently
50% for presale
The $Doge team does not have a bargaining chip. The DAO autonomous community promotes development. Everyone raises money together to make a better future. Say goodbye to the old coins of whales-driven in the past. We will jointly promote the new ecology of $Doge.

TAXes,30% total:
15% is automatically restribution
10% automatically add Pancakeswap liquidity
5% automatically burn
The LP liquid pool will be permanently locked, and as more and more $Doge are destroyed, the price will gradually rise steadily.


The BSC contract will be deployed and published soon.




$uperDoge is a 100% community driven token 15% tax for restribution 10% add to liquidity 5% burn Enjoy your mooning journey~!